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10 Feb 2019

Add Landscaping Around Your Pool This Summer

With summer quickly approaching and the temperatures rising, it’s natural to spend more time outside, whether relaxing on your patio or spending time by the pool. Landscaping the area around the pool and incorporating natural elements from your yard can enhance your experience and add value to your property. Follow these steps to design an oasis that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

Keep Your Yard Consistent

In order to keep your yard pristine, you will want to make sure your landscaping blends perfectly between your pool and the rest of your yard. Use key features of your yard as focal points around the pool, such as rock walls and tree formations. If you have a garden featuring a particular type of flower, use the color and placement to construct a lush, sleek environment perfect for a quiet place to relax and socialize.

Add Green by Softscaping

To add privacy to your yard, add shrubs and plants of varying sizes. Using different shapes, sizes and textures increase the depth of field in your yard, making the area appear larger. Planting perennials can cut down on maintenance and reduce the risk of mulch, leaves and other debris from being blown into the pool.

 Increase Your Privacy with Trees & Stonework

Shaded areas are important in your yard, providing a place to socialize out of direct sunlight. Based on your existing landscaping, you may already have a base layer of trees available to create privacy in the yard. In addition to planting trees, you can install arborvitae and umbrellas to create a place to enjoy the garden and pool without worrying about constantly reapplying sunscreen.  You can also have a stone wall and patio installed in order to create a specialized nook, perfect for grilling or a fire pit for warm summer nights.


If you are interested in having the area surrounding your pool landscaped or are interested in adding stonework to your yard, contact Rony’s Landscaping today! We are a full-service landscaping and masonry company specializing in enhancing yards throughout the North Shore. For a free estimate, contact Rony’s Landscaping by calling 978-398-8307 or by filling out our online contact form.

10 Feb 2019

Why You Should Schedule a Fall Yard Cleanup

As the weather grows colder and the leaves begin to fall, you’ll need to do some work to prepare your yard for winter. Fall cleanups will make your yard look better as the season progresses and help give you a head start next spring.

What Does A Fall Cleanup Entail?

Fall cleanups cover all aspects of routine lawn care, as well as items specific to the season. In addition to begin to cut your lawn shorter and planting mums and other seasonal annuals, fertilizer will be put down to encourage your grass to grow back lush and even in the spring. Branches will be pruned and cut back to protect the tree throughout the winter. Mulch will be applied around your plants to prevent weed growth. Fallen leaves will be raked, gathered and composted.

Why Should I Clean Up My Yard?

Removing debris from your yard and getting your landscaping in order in the fall can have many benefits for your yard. When left in place over the winter, debris can become more compact, pressing down on the grass and depleting it of necessary oxygen and nutrients. This will cause the grass to suffocate and lead to patchy areas. Cleaning up debris will give you room to aerate your grass and allow it to grow back healthy in the spring. Leftover debris can also contaminate your soil, causing healthy plants to become infected over time.


If you are looking for help with your yard cleanups this fall, contact Rony’s Landscaping today! We will provide a quote for cleanup, planting and aerating your yard. Contact Rony’s Landscaping by calling 978-398-8307 or by filling out our online contact form.

29 Jan 2019

3 Popular Masonry Projects for Summer

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t’s summertime, and you’re going to want to be able to kick back and relax in your yard to enjoy the nice, warm weather. Have you been thinking about renovating your space and sprucing it up a bit? These masonryinstallations can be used to boost your home’s value and transform your yard into a relaxing place to socialize this summer!


If you are looking for an improvement that serves multiple purposes in your yard, a patio is your best bet. A new patio provides you with a space to relax, socialize and cook, essentially moving the functionality of your kitchen outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. A patio also boosts your home’s curb value for when you move. A patio is easily customizable for your needs: you’ll be able to pick patterns, stones and the landscaping around the area, effortlessly extending your living space to the outdoors for the warmer months.

Fire Pit

A perfect way to transition your yard from day to night is the addition of a fire pit. Move the party from around the grill to around a warm fire pit, perfect for roasting marshmallows and lighting up your yard. The best part? A fire pit can be used year-round, making it well worth the initial investment.

Retaining Walls

Make your yard more visually appealing by adding a stone retaining wall along any slopes or gardening work. A wall will cause certain features to pop and break up any monotony in your current landscaping, adding layers and curb appeal to your yard. If you have a pool or patio, a wall can add privacy, allowing you to relax outdoors without nosy passersby noticing. A retaining wall around your garden can also keep everything in place, without the threat of rainwater washing away your hard work.  


If you are thinking about enhancing your yard with stone installations this summer, contact Rony’s Landscaping for an estimate! We work across the North Shore, installing custom stonework to match your yard and landscaping! Contact Rony’s Landscaping by calling 978-398-8307 or by filling out our online contact form.