With summer quickly approaching and the temperatures rising, it’s natural to spend more time outside, whether relaxing on your patio or spending time by the pool. Landscaping the area around the pool and incorporating natural elements from your yard can enhance your experience and add value to your property. Follow these steps to design an oasis that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

Keep Your Yard Consistent

In order to keep your yard pristine, you will want to make sure your landscaping blends perfectly between your pool and the rest of your yard. Use key features of your yard as focal points around the pool, such as rock walls and tree formations. If you have a garden featuring a particular type of flower, use the color and placement to construct a lush, sleek environment perfect for a quiet place to relax and socialize.

Add Green by Softscaping

To add privacy to your yard, add shrubs and plants of varying sizes. Using different shapes, sizes and textures increase the depth of field in your yard, making the area appear larger. Planting perennials can cut down on maintenance and reduce the risk of mulch, leaves and other debris from being blown into the pool.

 Increase Your Privacy with Trees & Stonework

Shaded areas are important in your yard, providing a place to socialize out of direct sunlight. Based on your existing landscaping, you may already have a base layer of trees available to create privacy in the yard. In addition to planting trees, you can install arborvitae and umbrellas to create a place to enjoy the garden and pool without worrying about constantly reapplying sunscreen.  You can also have a stone wall and patio installed in order to create a specialized nook, perfect for grilling or a fire pit for warm summer nights.


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