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t’s summertime, and you’re going to want to be able to kick back and relax in your yard to enjoy the nice, warm weather. Have you been thinking about renovating your space and sprucing it up a bit? These masonryinstallations can be used to boost your home’s value and transform your yard into a relaxing place to socialize this summer!


If you are looking for an improvement that serves multiple purposes in your yard, a patio is your best bet. A new patio provides you with a space to relax, socialize and cook, essentially moving the functionality of your kitchen outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. A patio also boosts your home’s curb value for when you move. A patio is easily customizable for your needs: you’ll be able to pick patterns, stones and the landscaping around the area, effortlessly extending your living space to the outdoors for the warmer months.

Fire Pit

A perfect way to transition your yard from day to night is the addition of a fire pit. Move the party from around the grill to around a warm fire pit, perfect for roasting marshmallows and lighting up your yard. The best part? A fire pit can be used year-round, making it well worth the initial investment.

Retaining Walls

Make your yard more visually appealing by adding a stone retaining wall along any slopes or gardening work. A wall will cause certain features to pop and break up any monotony in your current landscaping, adding layers and curb appeal to your yard. If you have a pool or patio, a wall can add privacy, allowing you to relax outdoors without nosy passersby noticing. A retaining wall around your garden can also keep everything in place, without the threat of rainwater washing away your hard work.  


If you are thinking about enhancing your yard with stone installations this summer, contact Rony’s Landscaping for an estimate! We work across the North Shore, installing custom stonework to match your yard and landscaping! Contact Rony’s Landscaping by calling 978-398-8307 or by filling out our online contact form.